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Commercial Mortgage Financing

If you’re seeking a commercial real estate funding source, Commercial Mortgage Financing is dedicated to providing the most reliable, timely, accurate, professional and personalized service. 

Commercial Mortgage Financing believes knowledge and relationships are the keys to success in today’s commercial real estate financing marketplace.  The company is committed to staying current with real estate industry trends and techniques for developing capital.  In order to meet the challenge of remaining informed in this constantly changing climate, daily interaction is maintained with lenders, investors, and other industry professionals.

From the start of an assignment, to securing financing, through closing the transaction, Commercial Mortgage Financing handles each detail with care and personal interest.  The goal of Commercial Mortgage Financing is to structure the most efficient financing package and assure client relationships are well served.  

CMFC works!

CMFC | Les Goldberg | 1001 Yamato Rd | Suite 310 | Boca Raton FL 33431 | Phone (561) 213-2099 | karatelg@aol.com

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